Center for Food Action:  November is a busy month with the Thanksgiving holiday and all the things you have to remember. The Deacons ask you to remember one more thing.  Please bring a food item to church each Sunday in November. This special food collection will be sent to the Center for Food Action to help refill their empty shelves after Thanksgiving.

Operation Christmas Child:  The next few weeks you can feel like a kid again. How? By shopping for toys, games, school supplies and lots of kid stuff.  Why?  Once you have a stash ready you can request a shoebox (or two or more) and brochures and stuff it all inside.  Then enclose $9.00 cash or check made out to “Samaritan’s Purse” to cover the shipping costs. This must be done by November 11.  Imagine you were a child in a third-world country and were given such a wonderful gift.  A “Story of Jesus” booklet in that country’s language is inserted at the distribution center. So, get your shoe-boxes and get started today!

The Bergen County Council of Churches is honoring volunteers on November 5. FPC is grateful for the devoted service of Dolores Voris & Rose Sheehan. Pastor Mike will be accompanying them to this ecumenical event.

Bible Reading Small Group: Wednesday @ 11:00am. We will be having a single session to speak about themes from today’s sermon on Church Growth & Evangelism. Bring a bag lunch. We will provide dessert.